Bentley's Dual Hydroponics Home Herb Garden 2 qt. Bundle
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The System Includes:

  • Two(2) Bentley's Hydroponics Home Herb Garden Systems 2 quart each
  • Dual outlet air pump with adustable pressure
  • Air injection technology 4.0" for both systems (New generation)
  • Two(2) 2-inch net cups
  • FREE! Grow stones, grow media (limited time)
  • Two(2) Red fill caps, & drain plugs
  • Syringe (for checking PH)
  • Instructions (includes start from seed and cloning tips)

L-7.25" W-7.25" H-3.75"

From fresh garden herbs to cat nip, Bentley's Hydroponic Home Herb Garden is the perfect solution for your indoor gardening needs. Grow up to eight different herbs in a very small area, ensuring you always have a constant supply of fresh herbs for cooking, dispay, snacking, cat nip, & more...

Your plants will experience record fast grow rates due to our Air Injection Technology. All of the plants roots are constantly suspended in a cloud of air during the entire grow cycle, which means clean crisp white roots. This system fits the bill for those who want the best in a deep water culture hydroponics system... ENJOY!

Bentley's Dual Hydroponics Home Herb Garden 2 qt. Bundle

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