5 site Clone Gremlin Cloning Machine
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4 Site Clone Gremlin Cloning Machine

The Clone Gremlin roots your cuttings fast & easy. Clone up to five cuttings without the headache and expense of a mister-type cloner. This plant cloning machine performs as well as commercial systems at a fraction of the cost. The Clone Gremlin family of cloners are the most compact cloning machines on the market today. This cloner requires only 1 Qt. of water.

This system includes:

  • 5 site Clone Gremlin
  • Snug fit cloning collars
  • Air Injection Technology & air line - Winner of High Times 2012 S.T.A.S.H. Awards
  • Air pump

                           L-7" W-6" H-4"


Cloning Machine 5 Site Cloning Machine

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