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8" X 9" Grid Air Injection Technology (AIT)

Not only did we make the cover of High Times Magazine we won the annual S.T.A.S.H. Awards...

Super Charge your plants today, with a blanket of air...

Designed for use with a single outlet air pump.  The The AIT Grid was designed after the AIT Spider to give your Deep water culture DWC hydroponic system full coverage of air through out the reservoir.

The AIT Grid will provide more air and oxygen than an air stone.  It is designed to fit a 8" X 9" or larger area of a propagation tray or similar size reservoir and is truly state-of-the-art for growing DWC.  Recomended air pump: 127 (GPH) 8 (LPM) or higher

  • AIT Grids, 8" X 9"
  • Assembly instructions

Deep Water Culture air stone alternative 8" by 9" grid

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